New mini-comic!

November 9, 2014

They said it couldn’t be done, well actually no one said that, usually they said, ‘whenever you’re ready.’ So I’m ready, sort of. Stumbling in past the deadline, the first of my monthly mini-comic ongoing series of mayhem and possibly non-mayhem related themes also. “Flotage”



Collins Concise English Dictionary © HarperCollins Publishers::
flotagefloatage /ˈfləʊtɪdʒ/n

  1. the act or state of floating; flotation
  2. buoyancy; power or ability to float
  3. objects or material that float on the surface of the water; flotsam
  4. my mini-comic




Distributed throughout San Francisco, feel free to contact for subscriptions.

November 1, 2014


October 29, 2014


October 3, 2014


September 28, 2014



September 13, 2014


Here’s some character designs I was working on.

Inspiration! Space Quest series

September 8, 2014


Growing up with computer games in the age of the visionary developer(s) I was treated to some unique experiences, one of my favorite of which was the Space Quest series by Mark Crowe, Scott Murphy and Sierra On-Line. If you aren’t familiar, it combined science fiction tropes, comedy, parody, dark humor and puzzles with fantastic artwork which straddled the transition from overly pixelated 16 color EGA to the breakthrough of *gasp* 256 color VGA! Both the EGA and VGA art look fantastic in my opinion. The inspiration of the creators really came through in these games and it’s partly their fault I keep banging my head against the wall trying to make sci-fi comedy comics.



Painting in the Mission

August 21, 2014


It was alternately drizzling and the sun breaking through the clouds this afternoon at 22nd and Guerrero for this quick sketch

August 6, 2014


Scroll down through my blog a bit and you will find some earlier pages from this book in progress, it was shelved for awhile and now has been reborn out the ashes basically because it’s the one comic book project I have that is closest to completion. That said it wasn’t all that close to completion, basically all the linework was done and needed to be filled. I have decided to go the photoshop route and my rough process is illustrated here, beginning with filling areas with solid shades, picking out highlights and shadows and then starting to work texture effects into it. My intention is to give a ‘hand-made’ look to the finished art which is working in some parts but other pages the texture gets distracting, I’m thinking it needs a little variety in types of texture and a balance of textured areas and flat shaded areas.

It’s a fun project but it’s also very time consuming and I’m starting to feel restless with it, perhaps coincidentally when it requires the most intense concentration: bringing to completion.


July 15, 2014