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August 6, 2014


Scroll down through my blog a bit and you will find some earlier pages from this book in progress, it was shelved for awhile and now has been reborn out the ashes basically because it’s the one comic book project I have that is closest to completion. That said it wasn’t all that close to completion, basically all the linework was done and needed to be filled. I have decided to go the photoshop route and my rough process is illustrated here, beginning with filling areas with solid shades, picking out highlights and shadows and then starting to work texture effects into it. My intention is to give a ‘hand-made’ look to the finished art which is working in some parts but other pages the texture gets distracting, I’m thinking it needs a little variety in types of texture and a balance of textured areas and flat shaded areas.

It’s a fun project but it’s also very time consuming and I’m starting to feel restless with it, perhaps coincidentally when it requires the most intense concentration: bringing to completion.


February 20, 2013

  warrior 001 x2 001northstar9sketchbook4sketchbook3sketchbook2sketchbook1sketchbook7sketchbook6

Work in progress….

November 16, 2011

This is the cover, inside cover and first page of a comic book I am working on.

What’s cooking

March 17, 2011

Valencia street paintings continued…

September 20, 2010

Thanks to Pete for sending me the photo!  The painting continues, this is #8 of 10, almost there!!  Sorry about my subject matter being washed out in the photo, due to my positioning relative to the sun’s trajectory towards the earth (me standing in the shade), either the foreground or background is out of focus in the picture.  Unfortunately this is a limitation pending further development in photographic technology.

Valencia paintings

August 25, 2010

I’m working on a series of paintings on Valencia st. between 16 & 17th st.  Check them out at Therapy  (541 & 545 Valencia once they are all done- I hope September!!

Special thanks to Doc Pop for taking and sending the pictures!!  Check out his work here:

2 Paintings of the city

February 4, 2009
My vantage from the rooftop of my apartment

My vantage from the rooftop of my apartment

The finished painting

The finished painting

The de Young museum in Golden Gate park- I currently work in the cafe!

The de Young museum in Golden Gate park- I currently work in the cafe!