July 15, 2014


June 27, 2014


June 15, 2014


June 4, 2014


Cafe International featuring Miles Ahead Ensemble



Sketching with the Doodlenauts at Yerba Buena Gardens Festival featuring Ensemble Mik Nawooj

May 3, 2014

plant dog

New show at Squat and Gobble

April 21, 2014


I’m happy to announce I have a show at Squat and Gobble on Market & Noe in the Castro in San Francisco! It should be up for a few months, please stop by if you are in town.





Knight in shining armor??

April 6, 2014


It’s not easy being the hero, so why fake it? This page is a revision of my final project from my Digital Illustration class at City College, trying a new process using digital coloring.

Thoughts go out for Schumacher

February 24, 2014

photo copyright Ford

Legendary Formula One driver Michael Schumacher suffered a terrible injury skiing last December and remains in a coma. It’s perhaps silly to care about someone who has never met you, and moreover is a celebrity, but Michael put his life on the line for years for the world’s entertainment (and his own ambition). Michael brought a lot of excitement to the racetrack, and his accomplishments are as of yet unequaled. Here is my little tribute to Michael and his humble beginnings when he lit the world on fire. Pull through Michael!

September 9, 2013



Here is a painting I don’t think I have posted online before. This was a quick sketch executed on location in the Marina district here in SF on Chestnut street. This piece was executed during my ‘first exile’ when I was laid off from my sandwich making job and determined I wouldn’t look for another job, I would just paint. I managed to sell this painting to a real estate salesman who wanted art to decorate a house for sale. I like this painting; the form and color of the facade, marquee and vestibule are satisfying; but the perspective seems to get a little skewed with the gray building on the right side, and the signature seems a tad prominent.

September 1, 2013


Space Rangers just arrived from the printers! Debuting it at Zinefest this weekend. Thanks to all who stopped by my table! Request your copy via email: jeffsvilleusa@yahoo.com


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